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Full-color reproduction
and completed lithography technology of a large screen

3D sound technology with parametric array loudspeakers (PAL)

PAL realizes superdirectivity

PAL directly transmits sound to the listener's ear, unlike normal speakers.
It is practically possible to achieve stereognostic sound on a small scale and with an inexpensive configuration of equipment.

It is possible to enhance the stereognostic senses by audiovisual fusion.
It is possible to experience the hologram more acutely by emphasizing the stereognostic senses!!

Development of scalable superlarge-scale data compression technology

In holography, number of pixels can reach a magnitude of 1010~1011 even in the case of a static image of the size of 10×10cm. In the case of a moving image, it can reach a magnitude of 1016~1017.
In the current technique, when the data
is not compressed,
the number of pixels of a static image is 104~106, and in a moving image, the number of pixels is approximately 1012.
This results in a difference of four to five orders of magnitude from the number in pixels in holography.
The properties of holographic data differ greatly from those of normal image data.
Consequently, the development of a compression technique based on a new principle is necessary.

Dynamic radio resources allotment technology
and dynamic contents parameter control


Clothes design support applying computer holography

In real time, an image of a person wearing clothes with a textile design generated using a computer can be prepared by holography.
The use of computer holography enables the development of a system that allows a designer to confirm the clothes design from various angles.
In the future, computer holography can be expanded technically to enable virtual fashion shows.

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